I'v been a practicing & teaching kundali



in person


I'v been a practicing & teaching kundalini yoga & meditation for almost 22 years and have had the great privilege of working with many thousands of people from all over the world and can say that this particular form of yoga & meditation is for everyone... And that I'v seen people heal & strengthen their health, from a vast array of difficult conditions weather physical, emotional or psychological as this practice address all of these facets of ourselves in a very safe, organic & effective way...


Please find below a few options for  private tuition at your home or work if you like and please be aware if you would like to split the cost your sessions with a friend or just invite someone along to join you, then your more than welcome to :) that's fine with me (:


individual sessions are 125 chf ph 

min of 2hrs includes a diagnostic consultation / health review / dietary advice and tailor made sequences designed to address the personal issues / goals of the client / student


Best packages are - 

5 sessions for 1350 or 10 for 2500